Red & Gold

Red & Gold

Dolce Gabbana floral dress
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KOTUR gold ankle strap sandals

Pearl jewelry

Swarovski ring

KENNETH JAY LANE bangle bracelet
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Betsey johnson jewelry

White House Black Market scarve

Chalk Paint Transformation



Yes, I have been working very hard.  Weekends and public holidays :-) slaving away.  Clients of mine bought their holiday apartment fully furnished and it was not the greatest choice of furniture for a holiday apartment.  VERY BROWN!!!

So I suggested keeping all the furniture and transforming it into a far more colourful pallette.  As you know I am hooked on Annie Sloanes Chalk paint, so off I went.  It was hard work, making huge changes is never an easy task.  But I am really proud of the finished look.  I will show you the complete apartment once all the cushions and chairs etc have been recovered.

I have been paint techniquing for many years, but I must say I have the hugest admiration for my fellow bloggers and friends who do paint finishes as a profession.  This is not my core business and is really a passion and something I am gifted to be able to do, but it really takes so much energy and creativity.  And its really, really hard, hard work and so often clients do not understand how much goes into a piece of furniture or wall or ceiling.  I only manage to do furniture these days, I think my fingers would fall off if I had to paint detailed walls or ceilings.  Huge respect to those who do xx




Lime Green


I am always drawn to Lime Green, and once upon a time I did even have a room in my home painted lime green :-)  Lime green and white work so well together, its so crisp.  I love introducing a touch of lime into a room just to give it a spark and lift.  Just a little extra zing.  Lime works with so many colours, fab with navy and white.

Just love the lime green subway tiles in this kitchen.  I am dying to do a bathroom or kitchen in subway tiles, they are my very best.  I love Tobi Fairly’s style, she has recently been a huge inspiration in a current project and a few of these gorgeous rooms below are from her portfolio, just love her work.


Wall Art or Applications

ImageI am working on a beach apartment at the moment and have one wall that I have been trying to find pictures for, but after much humming and hah’ing I thought maybe use a nautical wallpaper.  Finally yesterday I had a fabulous idea, to use ores or paddles.  Not sure of the correct name for this size.  

I love the idea of making them these colours and to look like the ones above.  The colours are perfect to fit in with the decor and rather like the used washed look.  So I will have about 4 head to tail going up the wall.

Should be fun, just hope my clients like the idea.  I will post photo’s when its all done.  I will post photos during the process as I will be painting all the dark furniture in the apartment with Chalk Paint, so watch this space.

Have a fab day xx


Beach Apartments


I have not posted anything for ages, sorrry!  I have been so busy with work, I have not had a spare moment to think of my blog.  I love being so busy and creative, but there is a lot that takes a back seat when I have my head down.

I am working on a few beach front apartments at the moment.  All of them are really different, each client has totally different taste and families, so I am having the best time putting the most amazing fabrics, concepts and designs together.

Will show you before and afters once I have them xox.  Have a fabulous weekend.  We have a bank holiday today so lazing around, putting my feet up and visiting with family is all I want to do :-)




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