Roof Top Market

Sammy Dee's Soccer Match Boxes

I ventured off to the Rosebank Roof Top Market with friends this weekend.  Its one of my favourite places, there are always so many interesting people, wether it be the store holders or the happy shoppers.  There are so many gorgeous colours, delicious food and the most creative pieces to be found.  African masks and artifacts, clothing, creative jewellery and decor o’bjet, funky art pieces, to antique collectables.

Like these perfectly made soccer stadium match boxes.  Sammy Dee is so talented, he has worked hard in teaching and helping previously disadvantaged people to make these soccer stadiums.  The inside of the match box is a birds eye view of a soccer stadium, made from the matches, and perfectly painted, the cover of the match box has a funky pattern with a magnet on the back so you have it on your fridge or use it as a keyring.  They are really great gifts, and would be fantastic corporate gifts.  Contact Sammy on, or go and visit it him on a sunday at the Rosebank Market, he also does other sports.  Really proudly South African. 

The fun and the excitement of the World Cup is still around and the now famous Vuvuzela, is seen in as many colours and styles as you can possibly imagine.  I also really love the cars made out of tin cans, and the beautiful brightly coloured bead and wire bugs.

Colourful Cars made from cans

Colourful beaded Vuvuzelas

Colourful Bead & Wire Bugs

Colourful Baskets

Wooden Soccer figures


Fun colourfully painted cups & plates


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