Street Art…………Berlin

Berlin Wall

I visited friends in Berlin last year and we did a walking tour of the city.  It was the coldest day you can imagine, but the history and the different buildings that you see are amazing.  I have never been a fan of graffitti, but the Street Art here is awesome.  Alot of it you see on parts of the old wall.

Parts of the Old Wall

Checkpoint Charlie

This is my favourite, don’t you just love the detail and the fun cartoon’s.  This was a famous checkpoint in and out of East and West Berlin.  This is painted on a section of the old wall, and the original Checkpoint Charlie is still there for everyone to see.

The Famous Berlin Bear

Its so cold and grey and then I just love all this colour thrown in on the street art and then the colourful bear, to brighten up your day.

Di & Me!

Street Art in the Subburbs

Hairdressing Salon Sign

This is great, out side a Hairdressing Salon, they have this really cleverly made metal collage.  It has all the different hairdressing tools, scissor, clips, mirror, really well done and such an awesome idea for a sign.

Renovated Buildings

Alot of the buildings were badly damaged in the war, and some have been brought back to life and very cleverly renovated.  The outside is smooth and plain, and all the detail of how the building must have once looked like has been painted on, very clever, and very effective.


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