Bush Chic

Ubomi Ngumzamo

Ubomi Ngumzamo, ‘Lifes a Try’.  That’s written on the cushion.  These are photography taken by a professional photographer for the website of the development I recently work on.  These photo’s were far better than mine, so thats why I am using them.  This development is a lock-up and go on the edge of a reserve.  The developer asked me to create more of an upmarket bush look.  The leopard photo on the wall is by a friend of mine  Greg Anderson, he does the most dramatic wildlife photographs on canvas. 

Main Bedroom

Second Bedroom

Upstairs Patio

Dining room & kitchen

Upstairs Pyjama Lounge


Lounge with stairs

Patio with fire

Patio & Pool


One thought on “Bush Chic

  1. I love how simple it all is-easy on the eye. The small bursts of colour
    that bring energy into the space is subtle and effective. Stating the obvious maybe but absolutely gourgeouse.

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