Paris Decorating Tour…….Best Eating Spot

The Polidor

First night in Paris (2009) on my decor tour, we ate at this gorgeous little restaurant.  Its great you can’t book, the food is very reasonable and don’t expect anything special when it comes to service, and if you don’t like it you can leave.  But the food is the very best and I loved the atmosphere.  The Polidor is on the left bank, and in front of the restaurant is Caves du Polidor, an off license and wine bar, this is a must visit experience.

Cavs a Vins

Cave du Polidor

Grant, Laura & Me inside Cave du Polidor

Wine Master at Cave du Polidor

Polidor Restaurant

In the background you can see a cabinet with little tiny draws, this piece of furniture is from when the restaurant was first foundered in 1845.  The patrons had their very own linen table napkins and their very own draw to keep their napkin in, so when they came to dine there they could take out their very own table napkin.  I am not sure if they had to take their own napkin home to wash or if it was washed for them by the restaurateur.

The Cool Kids on Tour

The Loo at the Poliodr

This is just the best, I think this is the other famous part of the Polidor, “THE LOO’.  It is the only loo in the establishment and you will find it out back amongst the garbage bins, that when you first venture out there, you are certain you must be in the wrong place, until you decide to open a little door to see whats on the other side and to your great surprise its the Loo!  And if you are not sure and happen to rush back into the restaurant to ask again where the toilet is, you are looked at as if crazy and told it is definitely out there of course, really where else would it be!!!!!


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