Notre-Dame de Paris

Photo by Grant Webster

Notre-Dame at night

Paris my favourite city, this photo was taken by my friend Grant Webster.  Steve Black, Grant and I had dinner in St Germain after attending the Maison & Objet show, we decided to take a walk through the streets of Paris for a while, the Notre-Dame is so well light up you can see it for miles.  One of my favourite night time scenes.  I met the french couple Sonia & Alexandre Poussin who walked from the Cape of Good Hope to the Sea of Galilee in three years.  Alexandre actually climbed to the top of the Notre-Dame steeple and proposed to Sonia, it was rather a romantic fun story.  But their book Africa Trek is well worth the read, they are really an awesome couple and their adventure is so inspiring.

The Notre-Dame de Paris stands at the heart of Paris on the City Island as a testimony of eight centuries of Christian faith.   Its was built during the 13th century.  At the time, Saint Louis, the king of France, was ruling the most powerful and faithful kingdom of Europe.  This gorgeous cathedral is a well-known Parisian landmark.


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