Rubelli – Paris Showroom

Rubelli - Rosanna Busetto

During the trip I arranged to Paris in January 2009, we were very privileged to be invited into the Rubelli Paris showroom, to meet with Rosanna Busetto.  Rosanna Busetto is the exports area manager for areas outside Europe.  She speaks at least 4 languages and is so incredibly knowledgable when it comes to fabrics.  On a trip I took to Italy in 2008 I was very lucky to spend time with Rosanna in Venice and was taken to their beautiful showroom on the main canal.  I spent time looking at all their beautiful fabrics and hours looking through their archives.  I am crazy about fabrics and the history of fabrics and interiors so it was such a treat to be able to see some of the most beautiful garments, shoes and pieces of embroidered cloth.  Rubelli is 5 generations of fabric merchants established in Venice.  Their archive collection must be one of the best in the world.  It was the most amazing thing to stand in the showroom and look out onto the grand canal on the one side and see the most beautiful fabrics on the other. 

These shots are of all who joined my decorating tour to Paris, spending time touching and feeling these gorgeous fabrics and listening to Rosanna impart her endless knowledge.  Enjoy!

Rubelli showroom Paris

Rosanna - Rubelli

Fabric - Rubelli


Marguerite MacDonald - Rubelli showroom Paris

Rubelli Fabric


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