Rubelli – Venice

Rosanna Busetto & Amanda Landers Rubelli offices

I unfortunately lost all my pictures off my laptop so it has taken a while to get back on track.  This photograph was taken of Rosanna Busetto and I in the main office in the Rubelli offices on the Grand Canal in Venice. The building that Rubelli has its offices in is Palazzo Corner Spinelli and this became the Rubelli headquarters in 1966.  You can see Rosanna and I are sitting in very grand chairs.  The decor in these offices are really beautiful.  I was very privileged to be invited into thier archives and look at the most beautiful fabrics and garments, centuries old.

Rubelli headquarters Venice

Rubelli offices Venice

Rubelli was founded in 1835 by Gio Battista Traolin.  Rubelli is five generations of fabric merchants.  In 1866 Trapolin became supplier to the Savoy Royal Family.  Lorenzo Rubelli was born in Venice in 1847 and took over from G.B Trapolin in 1889.  In 1910 Dante Zeno Lorenzo’s son joined and becomes partners with Lorenzo and changed the name to Lorenzo Rubelli & Figlio. In 1966 the Palazzo Corner Spinelli becomes Rubelli headquarters, and in 1976 they opened office in Paris.  Rubelli has offices in New York and Russia and agents all over the world.

Amanda Landers Rubelli Venice

The craftmenship in the offices on the walls, doors and ceilings was exquisite, all the guilt work and carving as you can see on the door behind me.  The fabrics in the Rubelli range are so grand and beautiful, as you can see from the fabric behind me in the showroom.  Rich colours and lush velvets are a big part of thier range.

Rubelli showroom Venice


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