Blue & White Bathroom

Blue & White Bathroom

This is a bathroom I renovated for a client of mine.  I should have included the before pictures but unfortunately don’t have them loaded on my laptop.  This is an old Parkview home, with wooden floors and beautiful ceilings.  The bathroom had become very tired and needed a facelift.  I painted the tongue and groove an off white, the blue and white tiles are hand painted antique style tiles from Peter Kroll.  I then took a loover door and painted techniqued them to look like old weathered shutters.  My client did not want any fabric in the bathroom, so the shutters just finish off the window.  I then found an old mirror in a junk shop and did a paint effect on the frame, to give it a rustic french shabby chic look.  The pictures on the wall are photographs taken by my client of the sly dogs that took him on a trip he did in the South Pole.  The framers waterproofed the pictures for me so they won’t get mouldy.

Blue & White bathroom - shutters

Blue & White bathroom - tiles

Blue & White bathroom - mirror


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