Eat Pray Love

I must say this is definitely one of my favourite books, and a really great movie, but my suggestion would be to read the book first and then watch the movie.  There is so much more in the book that you miss out on in the movie.  Well I also think it depends on were you are in your life spirituality and if you will benefit from getting all the extra insight she gives in the book.    Julia Roberts does a great job of playing Liz, and then of cause Javier Bardem is just the best Felipe. Javier is gorgeous and makes you want to rush off and find your own gorgeous man in Bali, if only we could get that right.  I don’t feel you get the full depth and feeling of what Liz is going through and goes through in the ashram, the book definitely takes you on a journey into her meditation and the changes she goes through.  I have always wanted to spend a year in Paris or France learning to speak french, so the Rome part of the story really appealed to me.

Elizabeth Gilbert

Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love


Eating Pizza

Does this not make you want to dig into a huge big juicy pizza!

Eating Gelato in Rome

Julia with the elephant

Julia doing the Gurugita in the Ashram

Liz Gilbert and all her friends at the Ashram in India

Liz Gilbert at the Ashram in India

Julia & Javier on set in Bali

In the market in Bali

Eat Pray Love

Julia Roberts in Felipe's house on set

The real Ketut Liyver

This is the medicine man Ketut that Liz spent alot of time with in Bali and he read her palm and she helped in copy all his old medicine remedies so they could be past on to his family.

Liz & Felipe

This I think is a wedding photo of Liz and Felipe, as you will find out in her next book Committed, Liz and Felipe are forced by the american government to get married.  Felipe cannot stay in the USA unless they get married, something that Liz and Felipe had not wanted to do, as they had both had really bad divorces.  I am about to start reading her next book which is all about marriage.



2 thoughts on “EAT PRAY LOVE

  1. I only just found your blog today. I’ve just seen the film and I read the book first too. I liked both very much and I’ll be sure to read this as well. Didn’t know it had come out. So thanks for enligthning me.

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