Swarovski Crystal Museum Entrance

This is the entrance to the Swarovshi Crystal Museum just outside of a gorgeous town called Innsbruck in Austria.  I visited the museum a few years ago, I must admit it is an experience not to be missed.  It filled with beautiful artworks all making use of the crystal in some form or another.  And of course when you get to the end of the tour you get to go and shop in the Swarovski shop and that is a treat within itself, even just feasting your eyes on all the beautiful jewelry, vases and objet.  I must tell you that the rest of the treat is staying in Innsbruck, the little town is so gorgeous and has the most gorgeous building and architecture and extremely friendly.  I stayed in a gorgeous little hotel that was so inexpensive, suggested to me by a lovely old man at the information office, who prides himself in guessing everyones country of origin and even trying to speak a word or two of their language as a lovely welcome.  It’s all really worth a visit.

Wall of Crystals

Crystal Angel

Crystal Chandelier

Crystal Flower

Crystal Horse

Crystal Lady

Crystal Man

Crystal Octapuss

Crystal Priest

Crystal Tree


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