Emerald Green!!

Miles Redd - Veranda

I have always been a fan of lime green, I just love its crisp fresh look and feel it gives a room.  But I must say I am really loving the new emerald green that is coming through in the fashion lines and in the decor and fabrics.  In these pictures its been used on the walls and really makes the room look rich and warm so inviting, I think it would be good for a dining room, study and even a lounge.

Miles Redd

Ruthie Sommers

Duquette Table

Emerald Green Room

Tory Burch's house

Tory Burch's house in Vogue

Green Objet

Sarah Jessica Parker - Elle Magazine

And the fashion world is just full of this gorgeous emerald green.  Its sexy its warm, and vibrant, you can accessories with it, be flambaunt in evening wear or just do the casual thing.  Try a little green even in a scarf!

Michael Kors


Miu Miu sandals

J Crew

Jil Dsander

Colourful Accessories


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