Zebra is back!

Todd Roman

Zebra is so big at the moment!  I know as south african’s we either don’t like anything african or ethnic, or we go over the top.  I think at some stage all the lodges and hotels went overboard and it became not the greatest look.  But I see that animal prints and skins are being used very tastefully overseas now.  I personally just love a skin on the floor and you will see that I used it on the home I featured in previous entry”s under Bush Chic!  I feel that throwing it in to a plush velvet room just give that extra pop it needs, and gives it a wild and exciting look!

Ralph Lauren Store

Jennifer Ferreira Library

Oceania Cruiseship Marina

Windsor Smith - Architectural Digest

Louis Vitton - Paris

This year Louis Vitton in Paris has Zebra’s all over there windows.  The have stuffed zebra’s in all different positions, with gorgeous zebra fabric in the background.  Zebra was big in Paris this year and was even featured on some of the fabric stand at Maison.  I thought these window of Louis Vitton made rather a statement and are really lots of fun! 

Louis Vitton - Paris

Zebra's Playing - Louis Vitton

Zebra in the window

Louis Vitton - Paris

Zebra rolling on its back!

Fabulous fabric


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