Cashmere Mafia

Cashmere Mafia

I am a series junky, just love all the girl series!  This is my new favourite Cashmere Mafia, these girls are sassy, sophisticated and spunky and dress really well.  Its also set in New York and about girl power and friendships.  And of course there are really hot men and gorgeous husbands, especially Davis Draper.  There is Mia Mason, she is dating a neuro surgeon,  Juliet Draper is over the top and neurotic and married to gorgeous Davis Draper, but Mr Draper is a naught boy!  Zoe Burden is the dark head and married to Eric Burden and they have a son.  Caitlin Dowd is the blonde and a lesbian, but does not always do so well as a lesbian, she fancies men as well.  Its loads of fun!

Davis Draper - Peter Hermann

Cashmere Girls

Cashmere Mafia

Cashmere Girls

Girls out on the town

Sex in the City

My other favourite girl series, Sex in the City!  Now these are sassy hot girls, that know how to strut their stuff!  And you got to love the Sex in the City movies, the best!


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