William & Kate II

Catherine Middleton - The bride Doesn’t she look gorgeous, Catherine Middleton about to become a princess.  Her dress was so simple, and perfect with all the lace.  Its the one and only time a girl gets to look gorgeous and feel like a princess, and so you should go all out and wear the most gorgeous lace dress.  And in Kate’s case she really was dressing to be a princess.

Kate & Pippa Middleton

Kate Middleton

Bridesmaid, Flower girls and Paige boys

Prince William and Prince Harry

Kate & William leaving Westminster Abbey

And she came out of Westminster Abbey looking gorgeous and as a Princess.  They really are a lovely looking couple.  She looks very gracious and fits the part of a royal.

In the carriage

The wave on the balcony

The famous kiss on the balcony

Kate & William going away in their Aston Martin

I just love this touch, leaving in a real going away car, with a learner sign on the front of the car, “so cute” .  An Aston Martin of course, very english!


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