Natural Wood

Main Bedroom

I love this look, the natural wooden floor.  Everything in the room is light and romantic.  The walls look like they could be natural wooden panels, but its a stripe wallpaper in natural colours and a light shade of grey stripe mix in to give it some interest.  Its got a french country feel to it with the cream washed furniture.

Guest Loo

This guest loo is perfectly finished off with the natural wooden tongue and groove cladding all round.  The natural wood has also been lightly washed with grey.  The black or charcoal and white tiles on the floor give it a little pop.  Its very simply decorated with a white washed chair and mirror and little touches of baskets and glass.  The simplicity of the basin vanity adds to the feel.

Main Bathroom

This bathroom is really rustic and gorgeous.  This wooden floor has really been left in its natural state.  One would need to seal these floors really well in a bathroom.  They have used normal tables you would pick up in a second hand or antique shop, and turned them into his and hers vanities.  I love this idea, it makes the bathroom look very personal.  There is also a touch of wicker around the bath, and my favourite a big old style bath in the middle of the room.  Free standing towel rail adds to this very casual look.







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