Kids Rooms

Red Bunk

This little boys room the bunk bed was just natural pine with brown duvet over.  Its a really small room, but the way it was it looked very uninteresting.  I painted the bunk bed fire engine red and got navy and white stripe duvet sets from Mr Price and a red throw and scatter for each bed.  This instantly changed the look of the room.

Navy & Red

A softer blue and white stripe curtains and red rug on the floor.

Organised Clutter

The chest of drawers need painting and new brushed silver knobs.  There where a lot of toys all over and under the bed.  So introducing red canvas storage containers and putting up some shelves helped organise the clutter and give the room a more decorated look.  Its very simple and inexpensive to re-organise and pop a few fun hooks on the wall for hats or coats.  Even on the back of the bedroom door for the dressing gown or rucksack.

Storage space


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