Abby Taylor

I am so blessed to be moving back to the midlands again.  This is Abby, a friend of mines’s Jack Russell, she made a nest in the autumn leaves on their farm.  I spent the weekend at Balgowan in the midlands with Col and her family.  To wake up to beautiful crisp morning and gorgeous rollings green hills and the beautiful rich reds and golds of the autumn leaves, is by far the best.  I am so creatively inspired again and feel totally rejuvenated.  I can’t wait to move into my little cottage amongst the trees.  Wake up every morning to beautiful views and to just be inspired by the colours of the mosses and bark on the trees and different shaped leaves.  I love colour and textures and being more exposed to nature, and the different colours and textures each season brings is totally invigorating.

Autumn Trees

Autumn Trees

Beautiful Autumn Trees

Autumn Trees & Lake

The colours in this photograph are so rich and the refelction on the water is amazing. At this time of the year, its not too cold and going for a walk with the crisp leaves crunching under foot, must be the best feeling ever.  Even if it is cold, its worth sticking on the layers and getting out into the crisps air.

Golden Leaves & horse

Could it be Mr Socks, no its not! 🙂  I am so excited to be getting back in the saddle again.  Will not be missing the city at all, at least going for an outride now, will be a definite cross country ride.


Rich Colours

Look at these gorgeous rich colours, you can literally find just about every colour in these leaves in Autumn.  I get just as inspired in autumn as I do in spring or summer.  Going for a run in the mornings is such fun, as you watch everything change and fall.  It makes me excited about winter, lots of laughter around big log fires, red wine and gluvine with family and friends.

Driveway of Trees

So inviting, it makes you want to drive along this road or into this farm.


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