Picture Grouping

Picture Grouping

I just love pictures in a home, and most importantly photographys of family and friends.  I feel you should mix them up and have loads of different pictures, black and whites, originals and photo’s.  It is important to group them well, and definitely mix the frames.  A lovely mixed bunch on a big wall is just so stimulating.

Collection above a desk

More serious grouping

Grouping on little shelves

I love this idea of using little shelves to lean the pictures on, and the use of different sizes and frames creates interest.

A busy wall

This is lovely in a little dining room, the space is small but they have created a feature by doing all different pictures floor to ceiling.  Its a good idea when the space is maybe small and pokey to creat an interest on the wall.

Pic’s on a staircase

Collection in a bathroom

Bathrooms are always so boring and definitely need a lift.  You can actually have the pictures properly waterproofed so they survive the steam. A client of mine had fabulous photographs of his sleigh dogs, I took them into the framers and they happily waterproofed them for me.

Elle Decor

Charlotte Moss

Sitting Room Grouping

Black & White’s in a Kitchen

This is my best, its a tiny little galley kitchen that is full of black & white photographs from floor to ceiling.  It makes such an impact on the gorgeous little kitchen.



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