Snuggling up for Winter

Snow on the mountains

Its freezing!  These last two days have been just too cold for words.  Winter has really arrived and its time to snuggle up and dress warmly. Big coats and scarves, and snuggling around huge wood fires.  My brother and I went to Karkloof today and had a bite to eat in a gorgeous little restaurant on the Karkloof road, called  the Green Valley Restaurant at Dove House.  Greg the owner had a big log fire going, and everyone was keeping warm inside.  He does a superb buffet and the most amazing deserts.  There is also a fabulous organic shop, you can get just about everything organic there.

I spent yesterday snuggled up under a rug reading it was so cold, great day to finish a whole book.  But I would have loved to rather be snuggled under this fur throw.

Fur throw

I love dressing up in winter, its great to wear a collection of clothes, with layers of different clothes and interesting scarves.  I do like the look of these fur coats, they look as warm as toast.  I was walking in Berlin a few years ago and saw this gorgeous tall Russian looking girl with the most amazing long fur coat with a hood, she looked like she had just step off one of the fashion runways, and quite a surprise in the gloomy grey streets of Berlin.

Gorgeous fur coat

Fashion Fur


Anna Wintour, the lady of fashion

Me Berlin in a concrete maize

Beaver Hat

Russian Fur Hat in Berlin

I managed to visit friends in Berlin in the middle of winter a few years ago (crazy), it was freezing and I found myself a fur hat.  I have not had occasion to wear if again, but maybe now that I am in the midlands I might get a chance when it snows.

Winter Decor

Wrapped up!


Bright colours

Camel accessories

Snug as a bug!

Great Scarf

Jacket & scarf

Men look so sexy if they have a good jacket on or well structured snug looking jersey in winter.


Italian Style

The boy’s club

Great coats

Little bit of denim!