Black & White


This is a friend of mines home.  He has taken an old Parkhurst home and with very little work transformed it into a comfortable stylish living space.  Just a little paint and wallpaper can make a huge difference.  He has been extremely clever in his decorating, you do not have to break the bank when furnishing a home.  One just needs to be clever about how you put it all together.  He has been very clever in mixing the different shades of darks and lights together through out the home.


He has a lovely eclectic mix of furniture.  Old and modern furniture, mixed with basket weave and chrome.  He has used chunky weave linens, to more refined silks.

Dining Room

I love a stripe in a dining room, its so elegant.  This Ralph Lauren black and white wallpaper is just so chic.

Dining Room

And don’t forget you have to have one of Abe Opperman’s black and white paintings to add a touch of class.  I love the mix of the the chic wallpaper and then the chunky weave rug and wicker chairs, with a stylish table.

Main Bedroom

The main bedroom is relaxed with a mix of charcoal, crisp white bed linen and a little fun thrown in with the british flag scatters.

Guest Bedroom

The guest bedroom has a dramatic charcoal and grey wallpaper as a feature on the back wall.  The elegant black and white stripe of the headboard pops out and adds character.  Again a lovely use of a fur throw, with silk and velvet scatter, definitely a dash of strong colour.

Guest Bedroom

This guest bedroom is smaller and has a lovely whimsical feel, its decorated in soft silvers and golds.  Lovely crisp white linen with a collection of different sized scatters.  And don’t forget the gorgeous warm silver fur throw for the bottom of the bed, a definite must on every bed.


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