I have a challenge on my hands at the moment, one of my clients would like to make some changes in her lounge, and while we are re-decorating the lounge and dining room and re-painting we thought it was a good time to tackle this.  There is a wall between two windows, and the one window goes into the corner, at the moment she has a huge Amoire that serves as a TV cabinet, and finds its rather big and bulky in the room now.  She would also like to have a gas fireplace rather than her gas heater in the room and it is the only place for her TV to go.  My challenge is to successfully incorporate a gas fireplace and the TV on this one wall.  Its possible but it must look asthetically correct.  I have been looking at sit-on counter top gas fireplaces and then building something in, but it does need to be a slim unit.

These are some ideas I have found in my hunt for the correct look, they are not exactly what I am thinking, but I will post the final concept when its complete.






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