Couches – Soft Furnishings with a difference


Its not offen I get to find different couches or chairs.  On all my travels around the world I have always looked out for something different to photograph and the other day when I went to visit a client in Hilton, I can across another Wow.  She took me up to her loft area of her lovely thatch home to show me a lounge suite her mother designed and had made about 75 years ago.  She asked if I have ever seen such a different suit on my travels, and I must admit I have not, I was totally blown away.  Unfortunately the light in the room was not great so the photographs have not come out as well as I had hoped, but you can get a good idea of how different this suite is, the shape is so unique.  She tells me her Mum was a women way ahead of her time in her creative ideas.  She designed it herself and got it made by a furniture maker in Pietermaritzburg.

Covered in different fabrics this suite could really work in just about any room.  I can imagine it in a New York style apartment in a funky coloured velvet.  Its actually perfect in their loft area, because of its low sleek lines, its still allows for a spacious feeling in this low roofed area.  I am told it’s her son’s favourite place to lie around and read or just hang out, cause its just so comphy 🙂 






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