I am just loving blogging.  I am learning as I go along, as I understand there is a definite blog etiquette, and I am sure I have broken all the rules as I have gone along.  I do apologise to fellow bloggers if I have used any of your images without mentioning where I got them from.  I have been an interior designer for 18 years and have a library full of images I have been collect for reference for years, so offen I am not sure where I downloaded the image from, I am trying to be more correct these days, but I apologise if I lapse.

I have had so much fun over the last 3 years finding other amazing blog sites, and just love reading my favourite blog sites every morning, for inspiration.  I am not very good at chatting to other bloggers and connecting with them, so I do need to make a point of communicating in future.  I have noticed in South Africa, we are not all big blog followers, most of my friends do not know what a blog is all about and definitely don’t follow any blog’s.  I have noticed that my main followers are from other parts of the world and its extremely limited from SA.  I must say I love blogging as a way of keeping a journal or record of my creative happenings, findings and inspiration. And following other bloggers in different parts of the world, gives me an insight and connection to others in similar fields.  I get to find out about things of interest in New York, Australia, France and Europe.  I hope they get to see a little of South Africa through me.

I loved the wording of RULES OF A CREATOR’S LIFE, having done art at school then studied art when I left school, following this into my career in advertising and interior design, I know this list well.

Work when others are resting.  I have offen thought, Wow I must be the only crazy person who stays up all night working on a presentation.  But then you realise as a creative, that’s the norm.  I must say as I have gotten older I do struggle to do an all nighter and then on to a presentation the next day without a wink of sleep.

Love what you do, or leave.  Is something I am following more and more and trusting.

I will leave you with this one.  Have a fabulous weekend.




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