Paris II


I just love this photograph, this gentleman is from the Pierre Frey fabric house in Paris, Bernard over sees the southern hemisphere’s fabric distribution, so our suppliers deal with him.  On one of my decor tours to Paris, he spent the whole morning with us while we went on a tour of their archives and were shown all the new ranges by Vincent Frey in the main showroom in Paris. He then said his good-byes and dashed off.  On our wonders we felt a little peckish and decided to find the closest eatery and as we walked in Bernard stepped out with his cigarette and glass of wine onto the street having just order his lunch.  We all just thought this was so priceless and very french, as good little South African’s we would not have been smoking and drinking on the pavement with our overseas clients.  He thought it was wonderful and was very upset we did not join him on the street corner, for a fag and wine 🙂


As you can see Heinika one of the owners of Mavromac in South Africa, distributors of Pierre Frey was totally blown away that Bernard was smoking and drinking on the street corner, I just had to take a photo of her.  He did try and get her to be really reckless and smoke even though she doesn’t, but then insisted she have some wine 🙂



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