Moodboard and Pinboards, are such a fabulous way of having all your favourite or inspiring things in one place.  As an artist and creative person, I have always had a collection of special cuttings of fabric, colour samples, ribbons, little objects or pictures that I have kept for inspiration, either in a box or pinboard.  

It’s easy to make a pinboard or moodboard.  You really need a nice size piece of soft board, cover it in fabric or paint it and you can decorate it with really stunning ribbons, in a lattice work across it.  And then pin away.  Some people put some much on there boards they do not even need to be pretty cause they are so covered with all the inspiration.

Enjoy, finding inspiring things for you boards.









One thought on “Pinboards/Moodboards

  1. Great post Amanda….I LOVE mood/inspiration boards…I agree with you wholeheartedly. As a creative person I am also very visual and I love to have great images, pieces of fabric, ribbons, and even my to do list on my board to keep me focused and inspired.

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