Amanda’s Shabby Chic Shop


It’s a work in progress!  I have always loved taking old pieces of furniture, re-vamping and totally transforming them to give them a new lease on life.  We chatted extensively about me getting back into retail and at first I was rather reluctant, and as much as I constantly have new pieces of furniture designed and made for clients my passions has always been transforming old pieces.  I am also not crazy about the abundance of all the decor items churned out from China.  I prefer to support local talent and artists.  Having said that its not always possible to get a perfect mix of that, there are certain items you cannot get away from.  Its also hard to compete price wise with the China made items, but I am determined to support and use local talent where ever possible.  So if items are a little more expensive its because they are not mass produced.

I have a huge selection of decor fabric for clients to browse through at their leisure and offer a full decorating and design service.  

Andrew Findlay popped in to visit and got all comfy on the sofa for sale, he is also sporting one of Marion Findlay’s safari canvas and leather trim hats.  Marion has a fantastic selection of safari handbags and beautifully made safari luggage.  They do have an on-line shop check it out, great stuff xx





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