Scatters Galore


I just love scatter cushions, they really do add the final finishing touch to a room.  Most are not crazy about scatters, especially men.  Men don’t understand scatter cushions they do not understand why one needs these extra cushions on an already comfy sofa, and especially if you have so many they cannot imagine where they should plant their buttocks 🙂

Scatters for me are all about the use of beautiful fabric in a room, and sometimes they can make or break a room.  A room will offen appear as if its missing something or extremely bland and once the correct combination of cushions are introduce the room is transformed into the most inviting space.

Scatter cushions should be soft and of sumptous size, feather cushions are just the best.  Feather does not always suite everyones budget, but then at least make sure you find a lovely soft cushion and not a hard over stuffed number that has you perched on the edge of your seat with what feels like a rock in your back.

Vibrant colours have come back into decor and introducing lovely colourful scatters into a neutral room will lift it and give it all the interest and warmness it needs.

Its becoming more popular to have a plain well priced fabric on the back of cushions, allowing you to still have the more expensive gorgeous fabric on the front.

Scatters are good for puppies too 🙂








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