Patone 2014 Colour – Cayenne


I am still struggling to get my head around this colour.  I used to wear a lot of this colour years ago and even had a very gorgeous twin set.  Yes pearls and twin set, can you believe it!  That was back in the Lady Di phase 🙂

I am struggling to decorate with this colour, I think we killed it back in the early 90’s.  There was just so much of it, and every client you saw wanted or had a cream lounge suite and apricot scatters or a mixture of cream, apricot and turquoise.  

The one thing I do like about this Cayenne colour is it is a lot more impactful and I think can be very effective used correctly in a room.  I think if we can get away from that old look of cream, apricot and turquoise and go more dramatic it will work.




3 thoughts on “Patone 2014 Colour – Cayenne

    • Oh wow, I do apologise. I often just download images for inspiration in decorating projects I am working on and then do not make notes of where I have taken them from and then when using them in a blog I am not always sure who to credit. So sorry!

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