2014 ……… A Good Year


2013 was a crazy year for many and definitely for me.  So much happened it’s hard to remember that there was a lot of good things that happened.  I sat down the other day and made a list of all the really awesome things that happened and they definitely far out weighed the not so great things.  The problem is the not so great stuff seems to take over so quickly if you allow it to.

I came into 2014 not having very strong feels about it being a good or a bad year.  And it has taken me a while to gear myself up for the start of the year.  We unfortunately did not make it to the coast this year as we normally do.  It’s funny how being at the coast, lying in the sun, taking long walks along the beach seems to put everything into perspective.

We have had a rough start to the year, and we have some hard work ahead of us, but I do know for sure 2014 is going to be our best year.  In 2014 we will entertain more at home, we will also make sure we get away together on a more regular basis.  I read on Tobi Fairleys blog that she schedules in all their socializing and holidays at the begining of the year and I must say I do think that’s the best plan.  If you dont have school holidays to work around its easy just to keep working and forget to take time out.

I am working on a new business this year and need to make time for it as well. And definitely need to fit in a few creative projects of my own.  In the last few years I have tried hard to get a few creative hobbies going and managed to let them slide as soon as I started them.  I have had a canvas painting in mind for years and some ideas for fabric painted cushions.  So this is the year I need to get something finished.

This is also our fitness year or should I say year of getting back into tip top shape.  I have started running again, and have been putting off cycling on the weekend with friends but think I need to give in to one day on the weekend.  Jem and I have also agreed to play squash together, I have not played for so many years I am not sure I can even say I know how to play.  So this should be an interesting challenge for the year.  I have also been asked by friends to do a mile swim in the sea in April, so lets see how I go.

Image Image

And definitely lots of good healthy food and good healthy living for 2014.  And just for good measure we will be throwing in lots of laughs and lots of socializing with family and friends.



I have moved my office back home again and Jem and I have a combined office space.  We have created a great space with lots of light and good energy.  For a productive year ahead.



Fabric has always been my passion, and by the end of most years I loose myself in all the frustrating parts of my job and I vow and declare I am not doing what I do ever again.  I realise I allow myself to loose the passion I have and forget about what excites me and makes me so good at what I do. I have often wanted to design a range of fabric and maybe someday I will.  But right now I am concentrating on what I am passionate about and keeping my creative juices flowing.


I wish everyone the best year ever.  I know this is going to be our best year ever.  We had a rocky start but the outcome makes me know its only going from strength to strength.

Lots of love to you all, and don’t forget to count your blessings every day xox



One thought on “2014 ……… A Good Year

  1. Thank you for the inspirational quotation, I am going to keep it – it will motivate me. Looking forward to seeing your painted cushions. I have always had a passion for fabric and pattern and studied Fine Art too. Wishing you a happy 2014.

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