Funky Chairs


 I once decided to put a collection of my favourite fabrics on a chair I picked up on the auction, and was totally over the moon when it came back looking really awesome.  Since then I have had many clients ask me to do a similar thing for them.  It really works best when you take numerous fun fabrics and put them together on an interestingly shaped chair.  I also have a wingback I covered in a houndstooth brown and cream and chocolate fabric.

I have a client wanting me to put together a really fun vibrant chair, so I am on the hunt for a really interesting chair and gorgeous fabrics.  Here are some of the inspirational chairs I found on the net.  And I do apologise if I am re-posting anyones photos and not acknowledging them.


This is the first chair I put together for myself.  The seat is a piece of fabric I had always loved from when I first started decorating, it was a hanger sample.  





Image Image






4 thoughts on “Funky Chairs

  1. I love all of these! I’ve wanted to do the same thing with my couch. Did you do your own upholstering, or hire it out? I’ve been wondering how difficult upholstery is, and how expensive it is to have someone else do it.

    • Hi, I get my chairs done by an upholsterer. My Mum has tried her hand at upholstery and its not too difficult as long as you have the correct tools. But it is a little tough on the hands as you need to pull the fabric tight. I think you need to be a perfectionist otherwise it can look really homemade 🙂

  2. Absolutely love the funky chairs in the patchwork colours been looking for these types of fabrics could you let me know the fabrics that you used.

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