Chalk Paint


So what is the big hype about ‘Chalk Paint’??  Well its rather fabulous!  I was not so sure when I first tried to use it, but decided to keep trying to work out what everyone is blah blah’ing about.  I then bought Annie Sloan latest book and read a little on what she has to say about her fabulous paint.  And understand her passion for it.  

I have paint techniqued everything and anything for years and learn’t a lot of tricks along the way.  And believe me it takes time and practice to learn how to work with paint and colour and definitely which techniques work best and how best to apply them.

The best part of the chalk paint effect is the soft wax that is applied on the finished product and really does just give it the perfect velvet finish.  Annie’s colour palette is really gorgeous so you can have fun just playing with the combinations of colour.

So grab that old table or funny cupboard and get yourself a tin or two of Chalk Paint and try your hand at transforming your old piece of furniture into a brand new masterpiece.

These are chairs I picked up for a client in an old junk shop and have painted them in English Yellow Chalk Paint with a soft wax finish.  They will be seated around an oval oak table in a breakfast nook.  I am planning on putting fun bright Shweshwe fabric on the seat cushions.



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