Beach Apartments


I have not posted anything for ages, sorrry!  I have been so busy with work, I have not had a spare moment to think of my blog.  I love being so busy and creative, but there is a lot that takes a back seat when I have my head down.

I am working on a few beach front apartments at the moment.  All of them are really different, each client has totally different taste and families, so I am having the best time putting the most amazing fabrics, concepts and designs together.

Will show you before and afters once I have them xox.  Have a fabulous weekend.  We have a bank holiday today so lazing around, putting my feet up and visiting with family is all I want to do 🙂




il_340x270.498141911_9d0j Dana-Beach3 dacdd79f767c 2-Pink-Teal


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