Chalk Paint Transformation



Yes, I have been working very hard.  Weekends and public holidays 🙂 slaving away.  Clients of mine bought their holiday apartment fully furnished and it was not the greatest choice of furniture for a holiday apartment.  VERY BROWN!!!

So I suggested keeping all the furniture and transforming it into a far more colourful pallette.  As you know I am hooked on Annie Sloanes Chalk paint, so off I went.  It was hard work, making huge changes is never an easy task.  But I am really proud of the finished look.  I will show you the complete apartment once all the cushions and chairs etc have been recovered.

I have been paint techniquing for many years, but I must say I have the hugest admiration for my fellow bloggers and friends who do paint finishes as a profession.  This is not my core business and is really a passion and something I am gifted to be able to do, but it really takes so much energy and creativity.  And its really, really hard, hard work and so often clients do not understand how much goes into a piece of furniture or wall or ceiling.  I only manage to do furniture these days, I think my fingers would fall off if I had to paint detailed walls or ceilings.  Huge respect to those who do xx





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